Nidalee against a Poppy. It’s a tough matchup. When Nidalee was in pregame chat, she completely ignored Yorick with teleport and ignite. A good sign that top is taken. Frustrated by this disgraceful insinuation to his once “I called top”, he decides to go top anyway. This forces me, the Yorick, to jungle. It was just a slow start but considering the trouble Nidalee had top, it forced a quick surrender. The whole team hated Nidalee and probably sent reports along the way. If you ever have to group with TheBackwardsDog, add him to the ignore list. This guy needs to get what he wants in order to fill the diaper of his inept mind. Every glimmer from this jackass is a waking abortion ready to spill out more afterbirth. His children will be so proud they made it to the living world only to find the depressing outcome knowing that they will have to be related to this discharge of a man. Goldfish have more promising outcomes than this stupid fool. That may be too far but until you group with this sack of useless material you will become one of the welcomed converted.

This entitlement to lane is so childish. It also shows the complete idiocy coming your way whenever you are grouped with this kind of fool. Nidalee top lane was a completely selfish player this round. Bottom lane wasn’t any better. It was all around sloppy play from everyone. I have fewer deaths than the support. Yorick support can work, when there is better preparation. It didn’t work this time. I’m trigger happy with the ignore button and I’m probably done with solo queue. Duo queue should bring better results.



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